Enzalit products have numerous features. In accordance with the requests of the buyers, different viewings are provided to the products and furniture by the companies doing the manufacturing works. In this way, it can be used in a wide range of areas and these products can be exhibited. Enzalit products are removed from the press machine in the final stage. Therefore, it is ensured to have a long life. Thanks to the use of press devices, they are high quality and robust.

Despite the use of hundreds of people in places such as school, it does not get old and moldy. As it is not moldy, it is almost unaffected by the fact that it is not present in humid or damp environments. Because Enzalit furniture is compacted, cleaning is quite simple compared to other furniture types. It is highly resistant to acidic cleaners used in the cleaning phase. Different studies and applications are carried out to prevent deformation. Although the production of the products may seem difficult, these products are finalized with almost 2 different stages. In this way, the labor force and time is saved greatly and the desired products are delivered to the buyers as soon as possible. Due to the way it is manufactured, it is not deformed or decayed on cold winter days or on hot summer days.

Enzalit products are also approved by the Ministry of Health. Such products can be used at different food outlets. There is no harm to health during and after the construction phase and this has been approved by the supervisory bodies assigned by the Ministry of Health.