Enzalit begins to be formed from thick woods to very fine chips. The chips formed together with the use of high-level adhesive products are combined.
Enzalit products have numerous features. In accordance with the requests of the users, different viewings are given to the products and furniture by us as manufacturer. In this way, it can be used in a wide range of areas.

The use of adhesive products as high as glue is combined with the chips formed. During the coupling step, a high degree of compressive force is applied and these materials are compressed. In this way, enzymal products are formed. In order to change the appearance of the products, the wallpapers used for decorative purposes are adhered on the enzalitic furniture. After bonding, the product has a completely different appearance.

The production of enzalitic furniture is almost unlike any other artificial wood furniture. Since the chips are compressed by means of press machines, the forming process is completely different from the others. Therefore, each enzalitic product is manufactured separately as a whole. Due to the fact that it is formed by compression, the possibility of mold will be eliminated to a great extent in long-lasting uses. Thus, it is anti-mold and one of the longest furniture types.
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Enzalit is a subsidiary of Enzi Collection.

Enzalit products are processed via the press machines in the final stage. Therefore, long life is ensured. Thanks to the use of press devices are high quality and robust. In places like schools, despite the use of hundreds of people over the years does not get old and musty. As it will not be musty, it is hardly affected if it is in humid or humid environments for long term.

Since enzalitic furniture is compacted, it is very simple to clean compared to other types of furniture. It is highly resistant to acidic cleaners, which are also used in the cleaning phase. Different studies and applications are carried out in order not to be deformed. Although the construction phase of the products may seem difficult, these products are brought to the end with almost two different stages. In this way, the labor force and time are saved and the desired products are delivered to the buyers as soon as possible.

It does not deform and rot on cold winter days or on hot summer days due to the way it is manufactured. Enzyme products are also approved by the Ministry of Health. Such products can be used at different food outlets. There is no harm to health during and after the construction and this is approved by the supervisory institutions assigned by the Ministry of Health.