Werzalit begins to form thick woods with very fine stones. The chips formed together with the use of high-level adhesive products are combined. A high degree of compressive force is applied in the coupling step and these substances are compressed. Thus, werzalite products are formed. For the purpose of changing the appearance of the products created, the wallpapers used for decorative purposes are adhered to the werzalite furniture. After gluing, the product is completely different.

The production of Werzalite furniture is almost unlike any other artificial wood furniture. The process of forming is completely different from the others as the chips are compressed by means of press machines. Therefore, each werzalite product is manufactured separately as a whole. Due to the fact that it is formed by compaction, the likelihood of mold growth is greatly eliminated in long-term use. Therefore it is anti-mold and its shelf life is one of the longest furniture types.