The basis of our policy; Determining the norm staff, determining the necessary personnel qualifications and competencies for each job title, planning, selecting, recruiting, recruiting, developing, planning and determining the training needs, planning the career planning works in accordance with scientific methods.

Developing creative and innovative systems, creating ideas that will add value by making use of the knowledge and experience of all our stakeholders for the benefit of the company and employees, and developing innovative and innovative systems. is to apply and evaluate the results of the benefit of the company.

To be respectful to human and environment, to develop systems to prevent occupational accidents, to increase cooperation with the competent authority and local administrations, to keep the occupational health and safety and environment factor at the forefront, to take measures in order to intervene in emergencies.

Recruitment Policy

Human Resources needs of our companies are determined by Norm Staff studies. Human Resources Planning is included in the annual Budget Planning. To serve the main purpose in the recruitment process; efficient human resources, which will provide cooperation, high motivation and always carry forward our work are preferred.

For this purpose, recruitment announcements are published on the internet portal and resumes are accepted through the application system created on the same site. CVs sent through our corporate website are also evaluated. In the first place, the appropriate human resources in the Group Companies are evaluated and evaluated for vacant positions formed in our companies. With these internal installations, employees are provided with a sustainable momentum in their careers.

Appropriate orientation programs are prepared for hired employees. The programs are presented with the cooperation between Human Resources units and the unit to be worked on. The aim of the orientation program is to reduce the labor force turnover rate by ensuring that the employee is adapted to the job and the business. For this purpose; To give information about company policies, organizational structure of the company, production process, social rights and responsibilities, job conditions, occupational safety and environment. Employees are required to work in designated units, except for the units in which they work, in order to increase their knowledge and experience.